Day trip destinations

Tips for excursions around of Rinteln. All destinations can be reached by car in about 15 - 45 minutes!

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We are happy if we can help you with these tips to make your holiday in the Weserbergland more beautiful.

  • Rinteln
    The old fortress- and university-town Rinteln celebrated its 750th anniversary in 1989. Many houses are made ​​of 400 years old timber. Particularly interesting are the old count- and saddle-yards (Ritterstraße), Nikolai Church (Market Square) and the monastery of St. Jakobi (Klosterstraße). Behind the town hall is the local history museum. Around the city there are ramparts and parts of the old city wall. Many bars and restaurants and the city park "Blumenwall" invite you to linger. Especially nice in the summer days are the outdoor cafes on the market- and church-square.
  • Bad Eilsen
    Approx. 7 km from Rinteln. With a beautiful spa park, entrance free. Many flowers and fountains, afternoon spa concert.
  • Bückeburg
    Approx. 11 km from Rinteln. Beautiful old residence town with castle and the mausoleum of the Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe (sightseeing). Furthermore, the Helicopter Museum (unique in the world). Opening times: 09.00 to 17.00.
  • Castle Schaumburg and Paschenburg
    Approx. 12 km from Rinteln. At the foothill of the Weser mountains is the castle Schaumburg. Family seat of the Earls of Schaumburg. Above on the hilltop is the castle Paschenburg. Superb views over Hameln, the Weser valley and Köterberg  (mountain near Höxter).
  • Hameln (Hamelin)
    You can combine the trip to Hamelin with the route "Castle Schaumburg and Paschenburg" very good. Hamelin is about 25 km away from Rinteln. Old town with beautiful pedestrian zone, wedding house and House of Pied Piper. Regularly the town presents the "Pied Piper Festival".
  • Klippenturm (Cliff Tower)
    Approx. 5 km from Rinteln away. In the evening the tower above the town Rinteln is illuminated. The tower is accessible in about 1/2 hour only on foot from the woods edge. The trail is easy to cross and not steep. Nice view of the Weser valley.
  • Extertal (Exter Valley)
    In the south of Rinteln begins the lovely Extertal and extends to Barntrup. Center is the community Bösingfeld. Here is an observation tower with a great view located on the mountain "Hohen Asch". In the district Linderhofe there is the music castle "Stemberg" with a 47 m deep well. For 40 years the castle presents music, puppetry, storytelling and manufacturing of musical instruments.
  • Teutoburger Wald (Teutoburg Forest)
    With the old Hanseatic city of Lemgo (Hexenbürgermeisterhaus) and the residential city Detmold. Nearby is Germany's largest open-air museum. Approx. 5 km from Detmold you can find the eagle station Berlebeck with its birds from around the world. From here it is 5 km to the Hermann Monument and about 9 km to the "Externsteine​​".
  • Bad Pyrmont
    One of the most beautiful spa parks of Germany's. With palm gardens, a small zoo, beautiful plants, hot springs, spa concerts and large casino.
  • Minden
    Minden is about 20 km away from Rinteln. The 1000-year-old cathedral and the town hall in the pedestrian area are well worth seeing. Here is the famous waterway crossing: the Mittellandkanal (canal) leads at 13 m height over the river Weser. From here you can go on boat trips and tours with ship lock. Also cruises to the shipping pear "Porta" are possible. In conjunction with a trip to Minden is recommended to visit the Porta monument - driveway in Barkhausen. Magnificent views in the North German Plain. For children there is "Potts Park" (3 km from Minden) - a major theme park.
  • Steinhuder Meer (Steinhude Lake)
    Northern Germany's largest lake is 45 km away. It can be reached via Obernkirchen, Stadthagen, Auhagen (stork's nest!) and Hagenburg. The 36 sq km lake is known for its eels, which are offered by the fishermen. On an isle in the lake you can visit the fortress "Wilhelmstein". From Steinhude or Mardorf you can always sail with a boat to the island. Scharnhorst was the most famous student of this fortress-school.
  • Hannover (Hanover)
    Hanover City is located approximately 60 km from Rinteln away and can be reached via the motorway in 45 minutes. In addition to the charming historic town well worth a visit at the zoo. We also recommend the lake "Maschsee" with casino and the world famous "Royal Gardens" with theater and concert performances. In Hanover, there are all kinds of concerts, theatres and museums.
  • Bodenwerder
    The small town at the Upper Weser (48 km from Rinteln) is the home of "Lies Baron of Munchhausen". In the Munchhausen Museum (Town Hall) you can see documents and memorabilia. Starting in Bodenwerder you can cross the "Ottensteiner Höhe" to reach the town Bad Pyrmont. You can do also beautiful hikes in the "Rühler Schweiz" or book cruises to Polle, Höxter or Hamelin.
  • Mine Kleinenbremen
    In Kleinenbremen - between Rinteln and Bückeburg - is the visitor mine "Eisenerzgrube Wohlverwahrt". Under expert guidance you experience the imposing "world of rocks" deep in the mountain. Furthermore, you have the possibility to get a "tscherper meal" below ground.